In our restaurant we have decided to serve set menus making the best of our seasonal ingredients – our philosophy is translated into every small dish taking you on a journey of flavours, textures and ingredients.

The restaurant is open to the kitchen so you are always a part of the experience – our young chefs serve each dish and explain how it was created and the incredible produce that we use.

Each table seats up to 4 people.

Lunch £55 per person
Dinner £110 - £125 per person

View Sample Lunch Menu
View Sample Dinner Menus

Communal Chef’s Table

A seat at the chef’s table is the ultimate Michelin dining experience at Ynyshir. Get behind the scenes and watch as Gareth Ward and his team prepare and personally serve a surprise tasting menu on the hand crafted Yew dining table. The chef's table is within the pastry section slightly above the main kitchen, looking down on the action.

The table seats up to six people and is a shared dining experience. You could be sat with other couples / groups for a really sociable evening. The table is also available for private hire as a group of 5 / 6. Please allow up to four hours for the experience.

Lunch £100 per person
Dinner £130 per person

The New Pass Bench

We have a new table, seating a maximum of two people, right in the heart of the main kitchen. Here you sit on a hearty oak bench with a high table and are served directly as you watch the preparations, chatting to Gareth as you go. The menu is a surprise, specially designed for you. Allow up to four hours for the experience.

Lunch £120 per person
Dinner £150 per person


We also offer packages for chef’s table, pass bench and restaurant dinner reservations which include a room and breakfast, starting from £195 per person, based on two sharing. Please click here for more information / to book.


View Sample Wine List

Our wine list has been created to include a strong selection of classic wine styles and growers whilst championing smaller producers and interesting regions – but, as with the food – only if we think that they taste amazing. The idea of the list is to only include wines that we all want to drink, all of the time! We have a focus on the more natural and bio-dynamic wine production methods but with the big-hitting older vintage wines maintaining their rightful place. We offer almost all wines by the glass meaning you can try something that often you wouldn’t be able too – but above all we encourage you just to drink something that you love!

Dietary Restrictions

Our tasting menus heavily feature trace gluten, meat and fish. Certain allergies/intolerances can be catered for - please notify at time of booking to check. The menus are unsuitable for tuna and soy free diets.

Dress Code

Smart Casual


Ynyshir does not have a minimum age policy as all children are different - any child is welcome to eat with us if they can eat the menu as it is!


A £10 deposit is required at time of booking to secure your reservation.


We are a small business in a remote location so we respectfully ask that you give us at least two days notice for cancellation. Cancellation within this time incurs the following cancellation fees (unless we can re-sell the table):


Lunch £35pp
Dinner £60pp

Chefs Table:

Lunch £50pp
Dinner £70pp

Pass Bench:

Lunch £55pp
Dinner £75pp

A note on our Philosophy

We serve a whole evening experience. Our menus are a journey of development, experience, flavour, story, history and locality. As our seasons change so do we, each year building on the last and creating our own style.

Ynyshir is a young team, passionate for what we produce and how it develops. A close team. There is no shouting here. Each member is respected for what they do and how they progress. We present our passions and our experiences and how they have come together to be Ynyshir. We want our guests to engage with what we are and what we know – everything comes out of the place and the people.

We take you through clearings and forests, sea and beach, mountain and pasture. We use the best from the best locale, at the best time of year. Nature and climate are always guiding. Ynyshir is about landscape and locality. It is seasonal in the traditional sense – we take the ingredients when they are ready and pickle and ferment them, salt and preserve to carry us through the winter and into the spring.

There is everything to be learned from the people who grow, raise and catch the food we prepare – the whole animal is used, the whole plant, the milk and the buttermilk. It is the utmost respect for the ingredients. The suppliers are just as important as the chefs. We only use the best.

Our menus are slow food – much time and care is taken in ageing, pickling, foraging, salting, preserving and souring. We are a small restaurant – we have the time to spend time as we serve such small amounts to so few people. We are constantly developing. We aim to convey a simple confidence which is as much about personality with no barriers. Everything is questioned and in some ways nothing is ever seen as completely perfect. It is brought down to its most raw state. Balance is key.

So we want to welcome you to Ynyshir, enjoy the journey to visit us and understand our landscape. Enjoy our Alternative British Snap!